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Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur, is the founder of the Wealth Dynamics profile test and the Wealth Spectrum test. These tests aim to set a new entrepreneur on the right path to ensure success in his business venture. As a social entrepreneur, Roger aims to give a percentage of profits from business back to society for social development. This is the aim behind founding the XL Nations.

Goal of XL Nation:XL Nation, initially called the XL Results Foundation was founded in 2001 in Singapore in by Roger James Hamilton and Dave Rogers to meet the goal of worldwide wealth creation. XL Nations helps entrepreneurs create wealth by offering training and other services and encourages the entrepreneurs to give back a potion of the wealth to help alleviate world poverty. With years, the popularity of XL Results Foundation grew, with more and more members joining the organization to do their bit towards wealth generation and contribution. The XL Results Foundation became XL Nation, accommodating millions of entrepreneurs world over, working towards the common goal of worldwide wealth.

Features of XL Nation:XL Nation is different from other enterprises in that it is a dedicated platform containing resources to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs. XL Nation realizes that true wealth creation comes from individuals who dare to dream and take risks. At the same time, it is necessary to provide support and guidance at the right stage to the new start ups. XL Nation provides support to entrepreneurs through a variety of ways including training, accreditation programs and networking opportunities. The XL Nation members are united by a pride of purpose. They know that they are contributing towards worldwide wealth generation and this adds an extra spring to their step and enhances confidence levels tremendously.

XL Vision 2020: In 2005, Roger James Hamilton put forth the XL Vision 2020. The Vision 2020 looks at creating $1 bn new wealth annually by 2020. 10 % of this, that is, $ 100 million will be contributed annually towards nominated causes that will work to reduce world poverty and move a step closer to worldwide wealth generation. In order to achieve this, XL Nations will rely mainly on its core team members. They are the true resource for XL Nations and will work by providing coaching, mentoring and sharing their life experiences with novice entrepreneurs. Over time, these novice entrepreneurs in turn will move into the mentor category, taking another new batch under their wings. Thus the cycle continues, ensuring achievement of purpose.

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Roger James Hamilton – Creator of XL Nation

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This article was published on 2011/08/17