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Looking for feng shui wealth tips? If you'd like more of the green stuff (and wouldn't we all?), Feng Shui offers practical advice for improving your wealth. For starters, consider consulting a bagua chart. This chart will help you determine the wealth area of your home. I include a link to a bagua chart in the resource section, but it's easy to determine without one.

To find the wealth area of your home without a bagua map, start at the front door of your home, looking in. Where the left back corner of your home is, is your Wealth Area. To determine the wealth corner of each room, start at the entrance to the room looking in (if there are two entrances, use the dominate one) and again look for the rear left corner of that room. That is the wealth corner.

Once you know that, you can use that knowledge to enhance both it and the wealth corner of each room to bring more prosperity into your life. For instance, you may decide to include one or more wealth ships, Chinese coins, or perhaps a money frog.

Beyond this, here are some easy to employ feng shui wealth tips:

1. Cover all drains (these symbolize the flowing of wealth away from your house). Simply using the drain stoppers and keeping the toilet lid closed should suffice. You may also opt to close the keep the door to your bathroom closed.

2. Have a water feature in the wealth area of your home. This could be a fountain, swimming pool, or aquarium. Make sure the water stays clear, and include plants or fish, especially gold fish, in this area. Take good care of these fish and plants! Replace them if they die.

3. Don't have a fountain outside your house with the water flowing away from your house. It should flow toward your house, bringing you wealth and good luck.

4. And perhaps most important: make sure the wealth section of your house is free from needed repairs, and free of clutter. It should be bright, with good energy flow.

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Anezka Drazil is a 20-year feng shui consultant who's studied under Denise Linn, author of Feng Shui for the Soul, and Marie Diamond of The Secret video fame. She is director of the Portland Feng Shui Institute in Portland, Ore., and co-author of a Feng Shui career tips e-book.

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Feng Shui Wealth Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/02